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Arrowsmith # 5 Vol# 1

by Cliffhanger!
Drawn by: Carlos Pacheco
Written by: Kurt Busiek
Release Date: 2004-03-01

Arrowsmith vol.1 #5 (of 6) Mar. 2004 "Chapter Five-Atrocity!" The fantasy-adventure takes a new and dangerous twist as the first ARROWSMITH miniseries blazes toward its explosive conclusion! Fletcher Arrowsmith has been hearing about atrocities since the war began. Now he finds out the truth. Caught in the middle of a horrifying attack with a deadly, sorcerous super-weapon, he learns the full horror that comes with the carnage, both in terms of human life and even greater, more dangerous losses. Even if he lives through, it, he'll be forever changed and so will the world!

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