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Batman Gotham Knights # 47 Vol# 1

by DC Comics
Drawn by: Roger Robinson
Written by: Scott Beatty
Release Date: 2004-01-01

Batman Gotham Knights vol.1 #47 Jan. 2004 Cover by Brian Bolland. Kicking off a new story arc that reveals a major secret from Bane's past and guest stars Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, and Oracle! Batman's decision to help Bane walk the path of the angels may come back to haunt him, as Bane has resurfaced in the Himalayas targeting the remnants of a Kobra base containing potentially devastating weapons. Batman must gather his allies in an attempt to stop Bane from locating the motherlode! And in the back-up, "Riddle Me This," Judd Winick (OUTSIDERS, CAPER), Whilce Portacio (STORMWATCH: TEAM ACHILLES) and Sal Regla (EXTINCTION EVENT) chronicle the Riddler's career of mayhem!

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